Learn and continue to develop yourself.

Start to BLOOM.

– Ichel Cecilia
Learn and continue to develop yourself.

Start to BLOOM.

– Ichel Cecila

Business Mom Campus.

Through Business Mom Campus many female entrepreneurs have followed courses that helped them to set up and grow their business. Topics of the courses range from creating a positive mindset, personal development to set up and run a successful business.

Helping you to combine your family life with an up and running business. Having more cash on your bank account, more structure in life and a more peaceful and happy mind.

Business Mom Campus is a product of Business Mom International, a business founded by Ichel Cecilia.


Spark Your Business

An online business course for female entrepreneurs to build and grow your business! You with get monthly support, coaching and training in all the aspects of your business. From branding and marketing to sales, negotiation, cash flow management and positive mindset. Besides the program you will get a LIVE Masterclass and a Q&A session with Ichel herself.


Business Development

A course that helps you to unravel your plans and get clarity to take targeted actions in your life and business. With this course, you will deepen your business development goals.


Through various Talks on Instagram and Youtube, Ichel and also other entrepreneurs are happy to give you a lot of valuable insights as inspirations and a boost of empowerment. We all want to learn from someone else’s experience. Now you get the chance!


In this tailor-made programme, Ichel will take a personal, reliable, and strategic approach to the root causes that possibly brought you to your current situation. She also focuses on your growth, your company’s bloom, and you as an entrepreneur.



This 12 month planner will give you direction and guidance to achieve your goals. It is now only up to you to commit to the schedule that will help you make your dreams come true! Remember, if you don’t do it nobody else will do it for you. The time is now!

Ichel Cecilia.

Who is Ichel? Get to know her within 90 seconds. She explains who she is, where she came from, where she is right now in her entrepreneurial journey and where she wants her journey to go. Root. Grow. Bloom. are words that fit her to the core.