Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
& First Ladies with their Business,
Mindset, Lifestyle and Leadership
Empowering Female Entrepreneurs
& First Ladies with their Business,
Mindset, Lifestyle and Leadership

I am a conscious business coach, a life mentor and a motivational public speaker.

My dream is to guide thousands of other Female Entrepreneurs to grow their business up- to 6-figures and beyond. Enabling you to root firmly, grow at your own pace, and bloom abundantly — so you can live up to your fullest potential. I am also attentive to all those terrific First Ladies who support their husbands through their Entrepreneurial Journey.

I help you with.



Via an online learning platform.


Get motivated and inspired.


Custom-made personal coaching programms.

Slide ‘Ichel took me out
of my comfort zone during my coaching sessions. I never thought I could make 40% revenue growth in less than five months. She is very clever and helped me a lot. I’ll be back soon. Up to my next level!’
- Rosa A. - Female Entrepreneur
Slide ‘Ichel triggered my ability to create new sources of income during this workshop. I am going to develop and implement them asap’ - Aïzzah K. - Female Entrepreneur Slide ‘She is amazing. In less than 90 minutes, she got into me and shook me. She was reminding me of the power and greatness I have inside of me. I know I can make it happen. Ichel, I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much.’
- Militza R. - Female Entrepreneur
Slide ‘I had coaching sessions with Ichel and tears flooded into my eyes. I remember her saying that I am a
strong woman and that she is proud of me. For a single mom struggling in life so long and now working
- Songul K. - Female Entrepreneur

Are you ready to Bloom?

I help Female Entrepreneurs and First ladies, who support their husband.

  • Done being stuck in one place in your journey?
  • Are there obstacles disturbing your continuous growth that you need to get rid off?
  • Are you juggling 10 balls in the air and are in need of a radical change?
  • Do you feel it’s time to stand up and shine in your own light?
  • AND do you value personal mastery to reach your full potential?

I am sure you are the Courageous Woman that I can help to Root. Grow. & Bloom.

Get These Results.

  • How to build a future-proof company up to 6-figure and beyond
  • A strategic plan to set up your business and grow it both locally and internationally
  • A customized personal plan on how to stand up in all seasons of life and shine your light
  • Get un-stuck and find clarity in your life and business
  • Discover many ways how only you can multiply your income
  • Know how you can cultivate and maintain a positive mindset all the time
  • Become limitless, learn how to use your conscious inner strength and change lives

It’s time that Female


start to BLOOM.

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