Get motivated and inspired by short talks.

– Ichel Heerschop Cecilia

Get motivated and inspired by short talks.

– Ichel Heerschop Cecila

My Motivational Talks.

Now let’s talk business. Not just about the pretty picture #bossgirl
But let’s have real conversations because being an entrepreneur is more than just the business part. What is your motivation, what are important lessons and how do you manage this with your family life. We have so much to talk about…

Are you a female entrepreneur?

Do you want to have a successful business and at the same time

a happy private family life? Do you need positive pep talks now and then?

And inspiration on how to grow and bloom as an entrepreneur?


Then you are welcome to listen to my motivational talks.

I share a combination of personal experiences with experiences and tips

& tricks of many other renowned female entrepreneurs that join my talks.

Are you our next Guest Speaker?

Are you a renowned (female) entrepreneur?

And do you have interesting stories and knowledge to share?

We would be honoured to have you as a guest speaker in my short motivational talks.


Get a positive mindset in 7 days! In these short Dutch audio talks, I will guide you to get a positive mindset and maintain it. You just need to listen for 20 minutes every day, and you will start to shine again!



Join my online learning platform with different courses for female entrepreneurs.



In this tailor-made programme, Ichel will take a personal, reliable, and strategic approach to the root causes that possibly brought you to your current situation. She also focuses on your growth, your company’s bloom, and you as an entrepreneur.

Ichel Cecilia.

Who is Ichel? Get to know her within 90 seconds. She explains who she is, where she came from, where she is right now in her entrepreneurial journey and where she wants her journey to go. Root. Grow. Bloom. are words that fit her to the core.