Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We’re Inadequate.

Our Deepest Fear Is That We’re Powerful Beyond Measures.

– Marianne Williamson
Our Deepest Fear Is Not That We’re Inadequate.

Our Deepest Fear Is That We’re Powerful Beyond Measures.

– Marianne Williamson


I take on a limited number of private clients every year. If you are an entrepreneurial spirit trying to find out how to start your business and develop it up to 6 figures — you need a working strategy to develop your company further.

Whether you want to generate steady income or you’re a First Lady that want to stand up in your own light, and are excited about leaving a strong legacy for your kids and grandchildren — then I can help you for sure. Contact me right away!


  • Struggling to go beyond launching pad in your entrepreneurial journey
  • Want to take your Business to the Next Level?
  • You know what you want, but not where to start
  • Conscious about your need for guidance
  • Current financial situation good but want to improve further
  • Difficulty retaining your clients
  • Wondering how to build a future-proof business
  • Desire for a more easier lifestyle than now

Life Coaching.

(Dutch or English guidance)

A custom made personal coaching program to find your true essence. I will help you to connect your dots, find your true essence & start to bloom as you are suppose to do as a female entrepreneur. Ask for your free Clarity session now!

The 6-months coaching program starts from € 3.500

Business Coaching.

(Dutch or English guidance)

Struggling with your business? During this tailor-made program, Ichel will take a personal and strategic approach that first focuses on the causes of your current situation. Ichel will also help you to take the required actions to change this. Result will be growth, both personally and for your business.

The 6-months coaching program starts from € 5.500


Try a session for free and see if it’s right for you.


Step 1: Take my Free 15-minute Clarity session on appointment – Connect Your Dots.

A 15-minute conversation focused on getting to know each other, find out what’s your challenge and a viable first-step to concretize your request for coaching.


Step 2: Mapping out key areas of your business

Find out what’s the cause of your current situation. You’ll be able to quickly map out key areas of your business like Motivation, Team, Finances, Product/Service, Health, and Processes – giving you clarity and effective blueprint to rely on and keep you accountable.


Step 3: Take action based on the plan to turn the table in your favor

Actions and accountability go hand in hand. If you take targeted actions and do not evaluate, then it’s of no use. We go for effectiveness and results in this step.


Step 4: Celebrate your results

Celebrating is the best thing you can do after hard work and achieving your wins. So go for it!

Download Your FREE JOURNALTake the first step. Download our FREE JOURNAL

It will give you direction and guidance to achieve your goals and find out where you are and which steps you need to take.